I am very happy with the way the nursessecretaries look after me Tattoo R

I am very happy with the way the nurses/secretaries look after me – Tattoo Removal, Dr Stephen Chow 陳大民醫生

Reviewed 01 June 2016

I decided I was getting to old to have a dragonfly tattooed on my back and too young to have freckles and red pigmentations on my shoulders and back. I started looking for a reputable place in Hong Kong to have all these removed with laser. I am very happy with the treatment and the efficiency of the laser. My shoulders are wiped out of all freckles in one go! My back looks good …And my tattoo, well considering it has several colors, (grrr) it is taking longer. 6-7 sessions already. I looked up for a reputable, professional and nice place for tattoo removal (because that was my priority). Then I thought I would later try to have freckles or other moles removed if I was happy with the place. The office if clean and nice, in the heart of Central. Most importantly, I am very happy with the way the nurses/secretaries look after me. Before an appointment they call to confirm, after a treatment they whatsapp me to see how I am healing, if I am ok and if I have any complaint. If I have a question for the doctor, they would ask and come back to me via phone or whatsapp. Dr Chow: From the questions he asks me, from the comments he makes, from the way he treats me with the laser I find him very professional, his explanations are always detailed and useful. He is a “matter-of-fact” kind of Doctor and will treat you very seriously. I trust him.

From Whatclinic.com, Dr Stephen Chow 陳大民醫生 http://www.drhealthbeauty.com

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